Mandala is a suite of digital tools for storing, organizing, and publishing collections of scholarly content. Each asset in the suite can be catalogued with Knowledge Map terms, which allow assets to be indexed, searched, and interrelated across the entire Mandala suite. KMap terms, in effect, are special labels or tags in a hierarchical tree context. There are two types of Knowledge Map terms: subjects and places

Mandala lets scholars create and manage a variety of types of scholarly content in a sophisticated way without the necessity of building a collection from scratch.  Its indexing and search functionality does the work of locating and collating similar assets across a wide variety of management tools. 

To get started with creating collections in Mandala:

1. Create your resources in the separate Audio-VideoTextsVisualsSources, and Images tools. 
2. Connect each resource with Knowledge Map subjects and places.

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If you have questions about getting started with Mandala or would like to discuss a potential Mandala project, please contact Courtney Floyd, Associate Director of Learning Technologies and Digital Humanities, at  

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