Citations let you cite the source for a KMap's metadata. For example, you could add a source to support an alternate name. To make connecting a citation to a Knowledge Map easy, first create your citation in Mandala Sources

  1. Edit a KMap 
  2. Click on the category of information for which you want to add a citation
    • For example, Names
    • The information will unfold
  3. Click the Manage icon next to the information for which you want to add a citation 
    • This icon looks like a folder
    • The KMap manager page will open
  4. Open the Citations section
  5. Click New Citation
  6. Select the type of source you want to add
    • If you've added your citation in Sources, you can leave this field alone
  7. Enter your source id
    • This assumes you've created your citation in Mandala Sources
  8. Enter any notes you want to add
  9. Click Create
    • A message will appear confirming your new citation