New collections are private by default. Use the Visibility field in the editor to make them public (step 5).

  1. Log in to the Sources homepage
  2. Click the Main Menu icon
    • This icon looks like four stripes in the top right corner of the page
    • Menu options will unfold
  3. Click Collections, then Add a Collection
    • The "Create Collection" page will load
  4. Enter a title and description in the first two fields
    • A title is required
  5. Check "Group Visibility" to control who can see your collection
    • Set this to Public if you want everyone to see your collection
  6. Select permissions options
    • "Collection Roles and Permissions" sets permissions for people working on the collection
    • "Group User Permission Inheritance" sets whether subgroups have the same permission settings as the collection 
  7. If you want to see what your collection will look like, click Preview
    • A preview page for the new collection will load
  8. Save your collection
    • Your new collection will open

What are "Zotero Collections"?

If you browse through citations in Mandala Sources, you might occasionally see "Zotero Collections" fields. These are citations from the early days of Mandala Sources. We don't currently support adding entire Zotero collections.

To import single citations from Zotero, you can export them as .ris files. Learn more at Import Citations.