Editors can turn their Mandala collections and subcollections into RSS feeds. They can use these RSS to make their podcast available in Apple Podcasts or iTunes, Spotify, or other podcast providers. 

Visitors can also use these RSS feeds to manually add collections as podcasts into Apple Podcasts or other applications. 

Only public collections can use RSS feeds.

Make sure you make your collection public through the collection editor.  

Making RSS Feeds Available for Your Collection

To turn your collection into an RSS feed, first open the collection editor. Make sure that "Visibility" option is set to Public. If it isn't, make it public and save before returning to the editor. Then select the RSS Feed checkbox and save. 

Using the RSS Feed for a Collection

To open the RSS feed for a collection, click on the  icon below the Members section. Copy and paste the URL of the page that opens: you can use this URL in your podcasting tool of choice.  

How do I use the RSS feed URL? 

If you just want to listen to the podcast, you can manually add the RSS feed in: 

If you want to make your podcast widely available to the public via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google, or some other tool, here are some guides: 

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