You can search for citations in all of Mandala Sources by clicking the  icon on any page. 

Here's a detailed guide: 

  1. Open the homepage at
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon on any page
    • The search bar will expand
  3. Enter a search term into the text box, then click the > icon
    • You'll see a list of search results
  4. Click Advanced to refine your search 
  5. Enter text in each field
    • You can filter by publication type, year, title, author, tags, and more
  6. Click Search
    • You'll see a list of search results
  7. To filter your results, click on Sort By
    • You'll see a list of sorting options
    1. Click the option you want to use
      • You can sort by author, date, or title 
      • The page will refresh to show your sorted results