1. Open the visualization 
  2. Click the pencil icon 
    • This icon looks like a pencil within a circle in the lower left corner of the visualization 
    • If this icon isn't there, you aren't allowed to annotate the visualization
    • If you're the visualization owner, learn more at Enable Audience Annotations
    • A toolbox will open 
  3. Click the icons at the bottom of the toolbox
    • Each icon represents a different shape you can draw
  4. Fill out the fields for the shape
  5. Click on the visualization to place the shape; drag your cursor to expand the shape 
    • The shape will appear
  6. To change a shape you drew, click on the shape
    • The shape will highlight
    • Drag the bounding box to change the shape, then release the mouse to set your changes
  7. To delete a shape, click on the shape and press delete on your keyboard
    • The shape will disappear