If you are outside of the UVA system, contact Mandala (mandala@virginia.edu) to set up a Mandala account.

If you have a NetBadge account, Mandala sets up your account automatically when you log in for the first time. To do this: 

  1. Go to mandala.shanti.virginia.edu
    • You can also use a specific tool: learn more at Access Tools
  2. Click the Main Menu icon the top right corner; the icon looks like four stacked lines
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  3. Click  Log In Via NetBadge
    • The Shibboleth/NetBadge login page will load 
    • If you are using a personal digital certificate, then you will not see the login page; Mandala will create your account automatically
  4. Enter your NetBadge information
    • Mandala will set up your account automatically

If you're trying to add a UVA contributor to a group, they will have to go through this process before you can add them.