1.  Click the Main Menu icon in Audio-Video 
    • This icon is four stacked bars on the upper right corner of the page
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  2.  Click My Content
    •  The My Content menu will load
  3.  Click My Memberships
    •  A list of your collections will load
  4.  Click the collection to which you want to add a member
    •  The collection will open in the "View" tab
  5.  Click the Members tab
    •  Find the Members tab in the top right corner of the page, under the magnifying glass
    •  The tab will open
  6.  Click People
    • A table of members will appear
  7.  If you want to modify the status and/or role of one member: 
    1. Click Edit next to the member’s name in the member table 
    2. Change the user’s status and role
    3. Click Update Membership
    • A message will appear to confirm the membership update
    • If you only want to modify one member’s status, you can end this guide here
  8.  If you want to modify the status and/or role of various members:
    1. Select the members you would like to manage 
    2. Check the first box in the first row of the member table, or
    3. Check the boxes next to the name of each member you want to manage
  9.  Click Choose an operation
    • Find this drop-down menu above the table
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  10.  Select the change you would like to make to the selected members
    • To change a member's role, click Modify OG User Roles
    • To delete a member, click Remove from Group
    • To modify a member’s status (shown in the “State” column), click Modify Membership Status
  11. Change the member's status using the form 
  12. Click Execute 
    • A status page will appear
  13. Click Confirm
    • A message will confirm your membership update