You can add videos from your computer. 

By default, visitors can't see new entries. To make your media file publicly available, check Availability & Access in the editor. 

  1. Log in to
  2. Create a collection if you haven't already
  3. Find the "Add to Your Collections" section 
    • This section is on the right, under the search icon
    • If you don't see the section, expand it by clicking the |< icon beneath the search icon
  4. Choose a collection from the drop-down menu
    • The drop-down menu will close and show the name of the collection 
  5. Click Upload a Video
    • The "Create Video" page will open
  6. Click Media
    • The "Media" section will unfold 
  7. Click Add Media
    • The "Add Media" dialog box will appear 
  8. Click the Choose File button
    • A dialog box showing files on your computer will open
  9. Open the file you want to add to Mandala
  10. Click Upload
    • You'll see a progress bar for your upload
    • When the process is done, you'll see the file name next to "Choose File" 
  11. Click Submit
    • The "Add Media" box will close
  12. Add your title in Title & Description section 
  13. Check the Availability & Access section
    • By default, only group members can see the entry; set this field to Public so all visitors can see it
  14. Click the sections below "Media" to add more settings
  15. Click Save
    • A message will confirm your new video