How do I get started?

Check out the guides in Start in Audio-Video. To create an account, you can log in with your NetBadge credentials. Before you add media, make sure to create a collection to house it.  

Why won't my file upload?

Make sure you're following the guidelines in Media File Formats. You should also make sure to unzip any files you're trying to upload. 

I tried to add a member to my collection, but I get a "You have entered an invalid user name." error. What happened?

It's possible you're trying to add someone who has never logged into Audio-Video. Ask them to log in to Audio-Video for the first time using NetBadge credentials in order to create their account. Once they have signed in, you should be able to add a member to your collection. 

I tried to open a resource, but I get a "You are not authorized to access this page." message. What happened? 

The collection isn't open to the general public. Try logging in – you may be a member of the collection, and some collections are open to all members of the UVA community. If that doesn't work, you'll need to contact the owner of the resource directly and ask to be made a collection member. 

How are people using Audio-Video? 

You can explore the "Featured Resources" on the Audio-Video homepage. You can also check out the overviews for using Audio-Video for research and teaching, or check out the walkthroughs to help you complete larger projects. 

Where can I find more guides to completing tasks in Audio-Video? 

This Knowledge Base contains a full suite of guides for using Audio-Video. You can also refer to the the tables below if you want to complete tasks quickly. 


I just want to see media.
You want to:Use this Knowledge Base guide:
Search for mediaSearch Audio-Video
See all collections in Audio-VideoSearch Audio-Video



I want to add or edit media.
You want to:Use this Knowledge Base guide:
Log in to Audio-Video

Log in to Audio-Video

Add a video to a collection

Upload a Video File

Add audio to a collectionUpload an Audio File
Make a new collectionAdd a Collection to Audio-Video
See collections you've madeOpen an AV Collection
See collections where I'm a memberOpen an AV Collection  
Manage my workflowTrack Workflow
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