Before you can upload audio and video files, you need to create a collection. New collections are private by default. Use the Visibility field in the editor to make them public (step 5).

  1. Log in to the Audio-Video homepage
  2. Find the "Add to your collections" section on the right
    • If you don't see this section, click the I< icon under the search icon to expand it
  3. Click Add New Collection
    • Find this button below "Create a Collection" 
    • The "Create Collection" page will load
  4. Enter a title and description in the first two fields
    • A title is required
  5. Check "Group Visibility" to control who can see your collection
    • Set this to Public if you want everyone to see your collection; visibility is Private by default
  6. Select permissions options
    • "Collection Roles and Permissions" sets permissions for people working on the collection
    • "Group User Permission Inheritance" sets whether subcollections have the same permission settings as the collection
    • "Group User Inheritance" sets permissions for a subgroup to inherit the group's users
  7. Label your collection under "Subcollections"
  8. If you want to see what your collection will look like, click Preview
    • A preview page for the new collection will load
  9. Save your collection
    • Your new collection will open