Before you can begin a text, first create a collection in which to store it. You can add collections through the Main Menu. 

Step-by-Step guide

  1. Log in to Texts
  2. Click the Menu icon
    • This icon is the four horizontal lines in the top right of the page
    • A drop-down menu will unfold
  3. Click Create Collection
    • The "Create Collection" page will open
  4. Type a title for the collection into the first field
  5. Click Browse to add a "featured image"
  6. Provide an overview of the collection in the textbox
  7. Check "Group Visibility" to control who can see your collection
    • Set this to Public if you want everyone to see your collection
  8. Select permissions options
    • "Collection Roles and Permissions" sets permissions for people working on the collection
    • "Group User Permission Inheritance" sets whether subgroups have the same permission settings as the collection
    • "Group User Inheritance" sets permissions for a subgroup to inherit the group's users
  9. Click Preview at the bottom of the page to review your collection
    • The "Preview" page will open
  10. Click Save at the bottom of the page
    • A message will appear to confirm your new collection