You can add your transcript in the Audio-Video media editor. Once you've uploaded your file, you'll enter some information about the formatting. This helps Mandala process your transcript.

After saving your edits, you'll see your transcript on the media's page. It may take a couple of hours for the transcript to process.

Transcript Formats helps you format your transcript file. 

  1. Edit or create a media asset at
  2. Click Transcript
    • The transcript area will open
  3. Click Choose file 
    • The file browser for your operating system will open
  4. Open your transcript 
    • Make sure your file follows the formatting requirements at Transcript Formats  
    • The file browser will close
  5. If you're using a custom format with approval from the Mandala team, choose A Mandala AV Supported Custom Format
    • If you're not sure what that means, skip this step
  6. Click Upload
    • You’ll see a confirmation message, and the transcript wizard open
  7. Under "Timecodes", choose your unit delimiter
    • Timestamps provide start and end times for text in your transcripts. 
      If you have timestamps, you won't see the "Timecodes" section; you can skip this step 
    • The unit delimiter is the character you used to separate out sections in your transcript; see Transcripts without Timestamps for help
  8. Under "Languages," choose whether your transcript has one or multiple languages
  9. If your transcript has more than one language:
    1. Enter the “Language Delimiter” 
    2. Select your languages in the order in which they appear
      • Remember, you should keep the language order consistent in your transcript file
  10. Check your processed transcript at the bottom of the section
    • Click each language tab to make sure Mandala assigned the correct language
    • Make sure the text is separated into shorter units
  11. Click Save at the bottom of the editor
    • The media asset with your transcript will appear
    • Transcript processing may take a few minutes