Mandala Terms ( lets you explore words and their definitions. You can also see content linked to each term around Mandala, and add your own content to existing Terms. 

What's the difference between subjects and terms? 

Many features overlap between subjects and term Knowledge Maps, but each site has a different primary concern. Subjects focuses on topics and the ontological relationships between them. Terms focuses on the words themselves and their definitions. 


  • Browse TermsTo see all the terms in Mandala, open the Terms tab within the search flyout. You can open the flyout anywhere in Mandala by clicking the search icon in the top right corner. 
  • Label Mandala Items with TermsYou can tag any of your items in Mandala with an term. You can also reference a specific definition in the tag. Tagged items will show up as related resources on the page for that term. To add a term to a Mandala item, first edit that item, then add the term in the Terms metadata field. Once you've added the term, you can choose which definition(s) you want to reference, if any. 
  • Search TermsYou can search for terms anywhere within Mandala by clicking on the search icon in the top right corner. The Terms tab in the search results includes all matches within Mandala Terms.

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