You can add assets from other Mandala tools in any rich text field in Visuals. These fields include: 

  • Descriptions for assets
  • Overviews for collections

Click the  in the toolbar for these fields to access the importer. For more details, see the instructions below. 

  1. Create or edit a collection or visualization 
  2. Find a rich text editor field
    • Rich text editors include a toolbar and a large space for editing text
    • "Description" fields usually use rich text
  3. Place your cursor where you want to insert the Mandala asset
  4. Click on the  Mandala icon in the toolbar
    • The "Add Mandala Resource" window will open 
  5. Switch the "Type" to the type of asset you want to add
    • You can find the "Type" drop-down field in the top right corner
    • A list of assets will appear
  6. To use a asset you created, enter your computing id in the "Show only from user" field
    • A list of your assets will appear
  7. Use the other fields as needed to find the asset you want
  8. Click on the asset you want to add
    • The asset will turn green
    • You'll see an excerpt of the source to the right
  9. Click Add item
    • The window will close
    • You'll see the asset in the editor
  10. Repeat this process to add more assets
  11. Save the visualization or collection when you're done