Before you add sections or pages to a text, create a main page. Learn more with the Texts' Structure guide.

  1. Log in to
  2. Open your text
  3. Find the page of text that needs a section
    • Click on the section title in "Contents" to navigate to that page
  4. Click the + button next to the page title in the table of contents
    • You'll see the table of contents next to the text
    • The "Create Book page" window will open
  5. Type the new section's title into the "Title" field
  6. Click SHANTI Texts Splitter
    • The section will expand
    • Choose whether you want to split your text into sections
  7. Type the new section's content into the "Content" box
  8. To add metadata to the section, scroll down 
    • Typically, only use metadata for the main page of a text
    • Check out Texts Metadata Fields for more information 
  9. Click Preview at the bottom of the page to review your section
    • The "Preview" page will open
  10. Click Save text section at the bottom of the page
    • A message will confirm your new section