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Tables are a quick and helpful way to depict simple sets of data. They can be used comparatively, categorically, and sequentially, to name just a few uses.

Spreadsheet Format

Tables can have as many rows and columns as the user needs. Data in a table can take almost any format. With this in mind, it's important to stay consistent by using only one format per column.

 Column 1Column 2 (and beyond...)
Data TypesPlain text or numberPlain text or number
ContentsThe contents of the table column


The contents of the table row

Data LabelsThe label for the content in the columnThe label for the content in the column


You might format your spreadsheet like this:                                                                     

StateState Flower


White pine cone
New HampshirePurple lilac
VermontRed clover

Customization Options

Go to Common Customization Options for more settings

Show alternating row colors?

choose whether every other row in the table is shaded

  • "True" alternates row colors
  • "False" keeps rows the same color
Rows per page

sets the number of rows to show per page of your table

  • Type in a number
  • If the number of rows in your Google Docs spreadsheet is greater than this, the data will be automatically paginated 
Page controls 

choose whether to enable the page control buttons at the bottom left of the table

  • "Enable" shows controls buttons
  • "Disable" hides control buttons


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