After you import a RIS or MARC file into Mandala, you may see a list of warnings, even though the file imported successfully into the collection. Warnings and errors look something like this: 

Errors usually have two parts:

  • The warning itself (for example, "Couldn't find a last name in 'S. Preetha2'") 
  • A link to the Mandala source to which the warning applies (for example, node 85456). You can follow this link to examine the source. 

How do I find a source using the node ID? 

Go to; where NODE_ID is the node ID number from the warning. 

Warnings and Errors

(tick) Number of "duplicate nodes skipped"

Why does this happen? 

You've tried to add a source that already exists in the collection.

What should I do?

You can usually ignore this message. To replace an existing source with a new one, delete the existing source first before importing. You can also edit the source to fix any errors. 

"(warning) The following elements were skipped because they do not map to any biblio fields: Y2, AN, L2, L1"

Why does this happen? 

Some Zotero fields don't have a matching Mandala field. Generally, these fields are Zotero-specific and have no use in Mandala. For example: the date you added the citation to Zotero.

What should I do? 

Check to make sure you don't need the field in Mandala. To do this:

  1. Open up your RIS or MARC file in a text editor of your choice
  2. Search for the biblio fields in the error one at a time (for example, Y2)
  3. Make sure that the fields are either not necessary in Mandala, or copies of fields that imported successfully  

If you don't need the fields, you can ignore the error message. If you do need the fields, message with the Zotero field you need to add, and what you think the matching Mandala field should be. 

"(error) Can't flip around multiple ',' characters in "First Name,,Last Name" 

Why does this happen? 

This happens when author names contain extra commas in Zotero. 

What should I do? 

  1. Edit the source in Mandala
  2. In the Authors section, remove the extra comma

"(error) Couldn't find a last name in 'author name'" 

Why does this happen? 

This happens when an author doesn't have a last name in Zotero. 

What should I do? 

You can ignore this if the author doesn't have a last name, like "Plato." If the author does have a last name: 

  1. Edit the source in Mandala
  2. In the Authors section, enter the last name 

Field "was truncated to fit the database column" 

Why does this happen? 

The information in the Zotero field is too long to fit in the Mandala field. 

What should I do? 

  1. Look at the source in Mandala
  2. If the information in the field doesn't look the way you expect, you can either edit the information to fit Mandala's character requirements, or email to request a higher character limit for the field 
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