The content editor in Mandala Texts is the box where you enter your text page's content. To go to the editor for a text you've made, you should edit that text

You can mouse over each icon to see its name. Here's a full list of icons: refer to the image above to get their positions.

  1. Bold
  2. Italic
  3. Underline
  4. Strikethrough
  5. Subscript
  6. Superscript
  7. Add a numbered list
  8. Add a bulleted list
  9. Reduce the indent
  10. Increase the indent
  11. Add blockquotes
  12. Add a div container
  13. Align left
  14. Center text
  15. Align right
  16. Justify text
  17. Make text go from left to right
  18. Make text go from right to left
  19. Find in text
  20. Replace text
  21. Text format (sets headings)
  22. Text styles, including quotes
  23. Cut 
  24. Copy
  25. Paste as plain text
  26. Paste text from Microsoft Word
  27. Add a footnote
  28. Remove a link
  29. Add a link
  30. Add a text anchor (links to a different part of the text)
  31. Add an image
  32. Add a table
  33. Add a horizontal line
  34. Add a special character
  35. See HTML for the text
  36. Show text blocks
  37. View the editor in full-screen mode


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