Spreadsheet Format

Host images online. In Visuals, you can either add a single image or create an image gallery.

To upload a single image, enter the URL into the "URL of image" field. Use spreadsheets for image galleries. Each row of the spreadsheet defines an image in the gallery. 

 Column 1Column 2Column 3
Data formatplain textplain textplain text

The image's URL


  • Use a URL available to the public
A title for the imageA description for the image
Optional xx

Image Customization Options

Width of image
  • The image's height changes proportionally; this keeps the image's aspect ratio

sets the privacy of your image

  • private: available to group members only

  • public: available to all site members

Slideshow Customization Options

Width of image

sets the width of the image gallery

  • This tool crops images inside of the gallery that exceed this width
Transition style

determines how the image gallery transitions from one image to the next

Show full image?
  • Either: show only thumbnails
  • Or: Use the default setting and show both thumbnails and one full image
Show slideshow?

controls the "Start" and "Stop" buttons in the bottom right of the image gallery

  • Turns buttons on and off
Thumbnail height 

sets the height of thumbnail images






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