Sometimes you may want to change the position of a Knowledge Map in a tree. You can move a KMap by reassigning its parent (see Building Knowledge Maps for more information about parents). To do this: 

  1. Create a new Feature Relation (for places) or Subject Relation (for subjects) between the KMap and its new parent
  2. Delete the old Feature Relation or Subject Relation between the KMap and the old parent

Assign the new parent before you delete the relationship to the old parent! If you delete the old relationship first, your KMap will hard to find and you may lose it entirely. 

Step-by-Step Guide

Let's imagine you want to move the subject Fish from under Foodso that Fish now falls under Pets in the tree. 

  1. Open the KMap you want to move
    • In our example, the KMap to move is Fish
  2. Switch to Edit Mode using the main menu 
  3. Open the Feature Relations or Subject Relations section (for places or subjects, respectively)
  4. Click Add New Feature Relationship 
  5. Find the new parent
    • In our example, our new parent is Pets
  6. Click Select next to the new parent
    • A form to enter the type of relationship will open 
  7. Enter the relationship type and the perspective
    • Only asymmetric relationships will show up in the tree; see the Subject Metadata Guide or Places Metadata Guide
    • For instance, we could use Fish is a type of Pets (where the corresponding relationship is Pets has a type Fish); we couldn't use the symmetric Fish is the same as Pets 
  8. Choose the perspective, then Save
    • Learn more about Using Perspectives
    • A list of relationships will open
    • You'll see your new relationship on that list
  9. Delete the old parent relationship by clicking (minus) next to it
    • In our example, the old parent relationship is Fish is a type of Food 
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