In Subjects and Places, you can add a child Knowledge Map to any KMap for which you are an editor. In Terms, you will add your term to a specific perspective, which corresponds to the language for the new term.  Learn more at Building Knowledge Maps

Subjects and Places

Step-by-step guide

  1. Find the parent Knowledge Map for the new KMap you want to create
  2. Edit the parent Knowledge Map
  3. Click Feature Relations
  4. Click New Child
    • The KMap creator will open
  5. Fill out the name fields
  6. Choose a "Feature relationship" between the parent and the new Knowledge Map
  7. Choose a "Perspective" for the new Knowledge Map
  8. Click Create
    • You'll get a message confirming your new Knowledge Map
    • You can now edit the KMap to add metadata fields


If you're in the appropriate perspective, you can add a new term through the Main Menu. The editorial interface automatically files your term in the appropriate place on the Terms tree. For example, apple in the English Alphabetical perspective will automatically go underneath the letter A

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to Terms at
    • The terms homepage will open
  2. Open the Main Menu 
  3. Click Settings then Perspective
  4. Choose the perspective that corresponds to your term's language
    • For terms in English, choose English Alphabetical
    • The page will refresh, and the flyout to the right will display existing terms in your chosen language
  5. Switch to Edit Mode using the Main Menu
    • If you open the Main Menu again after switching, you'll see new options
  6. In the Main Menu, click Data Management, then Create New Term
  7. Enter your term name in the "Term" field
  8. Choose a related subject under Subjects
    • This defines the type of term: letter, phrase, or word
  9. Click Create
    • The editor for your new term will open