You can read texts in the Mandala Texts interface or in PubReader. If you want to see text statistics, like word frequencies, you'll view the text in Voyant. Check out the Get Text Statistics guide for help. 

In Mandala Texts

  1. Search for a text
  2. Open the text you want to read
    • The text's page will open
  3. Go to the Contents section on the right
    • The "Contents" tab is selected automatically in purple; if it isn't, click Contents
    • A table of contents will appear
  4. Click an item in the table of contents
    • The corresponding section will appear in the left column

In PubReader

Learn more at PubReader

  1. Open the text you want to read
    • The text's page will open
  2. Click the Views tab
    • Find Views on the right column of the page
    • Options for viewing the text will show
  3. Click View in PubReader
    • PubReader will open
  4. To read the text:  
    • Drag the slider at the bottom of the page, or 
    • Click the "Next" and "Prev" arrows at the bottom left of the page
  5. To change the text display: 
    1. Click the Settings icon
      • The Settings icon is the gear in the upper right corner of the page
      • The "Settings & Help" menu will expand
    2. Change the text size and number of columns by clicking icons on the menu
  6. To search within the text: 
    1. Click the Find icon
      • The Find icon is a magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the page
      • A search bar will appear at the top of the page
    2. Type your search term into the box at the top of the page
    3. Press Enter on your keyboard
      • PubReader will jump to the first instance of the term
      • The search term will be highlighted in the text
    4. Click x to close the search bar
  7. To jump to a section of the text: 
    1. Click the Article Navigation icon
      • The Article Navigation icon is the four horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the page
      • The "Article navigation" menu will expand with a list of sections
    2. Click on a section title 
      • The section will appear
  8. When you are finished reading, click Mandala Texts
    • Find Mandala Texts in the top left corner
    • You'll go back to the Texts homepage