How do I get started?

Check out the guides in Start with Visuals To create an account, you can log in with your NetBadge credentials. Before you add visualizations, create a collection to house them.  

Why won't my spreadsheet work?

Make sure you're formatting your spreadsheet correctly using the documentation in the Visualization Index and the Use Spreadsheet Data guides. This does take some trial and error. You can try:

  • different data formats for the columns, 
  • making sure naming conventions are consistent, and
  • experimenting with different formats for dates. 

Remember, copy header information exactly as it appears in the Visualization Index. If you need help, contact   

What visualization type best fits my project?

Check out the Choose a Visualization Type for help. 

How are people using Visuals? 

You can explore the "Featured Resources" on the Visuals homepage. You can check out our walkthroughs to help you complete larger sample projects. 

Where can I find more guides to completing tasks in Visuals? 

This Knowledge Base contains a full suite of guides for using Visuals. You can also refer to the tables below if you want to complete tasks quickly. 


I just want to see visualizations.
You want to:Use this Knowledge Base guide:
Search for a visualizationSearch Visuals
See all visualization typesChoose a Visualization Type
See all collections in VisualsSearch Visuals



I want to add or edit a visualization.
You want to:Use this Knowledge Base guide:
Log in to VisualsLog in to Visuals
Make a new visualizationCreate a New Visualization
Make a new collectionMake a Collection
See collections you've madeSearch Visuals
See visualizations you've madeSee Your Visualizations

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