Spreadsheet Format

Each row represents a highlighted region on the map. Learn more about spreadsheets in Visuals at Use Spreadsheet Data.

 Column 1Column 2
Data Typeplain textnumber

The name of the region you want to highlight


  • You can use any of these formats:
    • A country name (for example, "Australia")
    • An uppercase ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 code or its English text equivalent (for example, "GB" or "United Kingdom")
    • An uppercase ISO-3166-2 region code name or its English text equivalent (for example, "US-NJ" or "New Jersey")
    • metropolitan area code, which is a three-digit code used to designate various regions (only US codes are supported: these are not the same as telephone area codes)
A numerical value associated with the region




Customization Options

These options are exclusive to geo charts. Go to Common Customization Options for more settings. 

Map borders resolution

set the borders within your map to reflect the geographical divisions in your source spreadsheet

  • Choose a border type from the drop-down menu: countries, metro, or provinces
Region to display

set which region you want to display on your map

  • The default region is set to the world view, but you can choose another region from the drop-down menu
  • These options are labeled according to their country code: go to https://countrycode.org/ to look up the code you want to use
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