Data Format

You don't need to upload any data for this map. Use the options to the left to create the visualization.

Customization Options

Center and zoom of map

sets the center and scope of your map 

  • Set the location with a latitude, longitude, and zoom factor. For example: "38.03,-78.48,11"

lets your viewers change the map center by clicking and dragging

Height of map

sets the visualization's height in pixels

Width of map

sets the visualization's width in pixels

Initial map type

set the type of map that shows when the visualization loads

  • Choose from "Hybrid", "Roadmap", "Satellite", "Terrain", and "Land"
Enable scrollwheel?

lets your viewers zoom in and out of your map with their scrollwheel

Overview inset control?

shows a small mini-map feature that lets viewers go to nearby regions and places

Position control?

creates a navigation control in the top-left of the map

  • This is useful when the 'Draggable?' option is "False", but you still want your viewers to navigate your map
Show StreetView icon? 

lets viewers jump to a street level perspective of a place

  • Google must support this option
  • The Google Maps StreetView icon shows up in the top left of the map
Map type control?

lets viewers change the map type by using a control in the top right of the map

Zoom control? 

creates a slider bar on the left side of the map that lets viewers zoom in or out

  • This is useful when 'Enable scrollwheel?' is "False"
Show controlbox?

lets viewers hide map layers and navigate the map with GoTos

  • This show a controlbox with layers that have been added to the map
Enable user draw?

lets viewers draw and annotate on the map



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