Spreadsheet Format

You can build Tree graphs from tree data structures. Here's a representation of a tree data structure: 

Example of tree data structure.

Tree data structures are made of nodes, or elements on the tree. In the example above, each box represents a node.

Tree data structures are also hierarchical: each node (or element on the tree) has a parent node. In the example above, "Pet" is the parent of "Cat," "Dog," and "Rabbit". "Cat" is the parent of "Domestic Shorthair" and "Siamese."

Trees have a root node, which has no parent. "Pet" in the example above is the root node, since it has no parent. 

You place nodes on the tree using two values: the name of the node, and the name of the node's parent. For example, you can place the Labrador node by knowing only "Labrador" (it's name) and "Dog" (it's parent). Remember, any node on the tree can be a parent. 

branch is a connection between two nodes. For example, there are two branches that extend from "Cat," and three that extend from "Pet."

Each row in the Tree spreadsheet represents a node on the tree. 


 Column 1Column 2Column 3Column 4
Data Typeplain textplain textplain textnumber

The word "node"


  • Enter the word "node" in the first cell for every row

The name of the node's parent


  • If this is the first node on the tree (called the root), write "root" in the cell
  • Keep node names consistent across the spreadsheet
The name of the node

The number of branches that extend from the node

  • In the example above, Column 4 for the "Cat" node would be 2.



For the sample tree above, the spreadsheet might look like this: 



nodeCatDomestic Shorthair0
nodeDogGreat Dane0


Customization Options

Go to Common Customization Options to see more settings 

Transition time

determines the time it takes for a branch to expand or collapse

  • Type in a larger number for a longer amount of time
  • Type in a smaller number for a shorter amount of time
Branch spacing

determines how far apart to space the branches

  • Type in a higher number to increase the space between branches
  • Type in a smaller number to lessen the space between branches
Branch levels to show

controls the number of branches to show at once

  • Type in a number; 0 shows all branches
  • Your viewer can see hidden branches by clicking on the respective node


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