How do I get started?

Check out the guides in Start in Sources To create an account, you can  log in with your NetBadge credentials. Before you add citations,  create a collection  to house them.  

How are people using Sources? 

You can explore the "Featured Resources" on the Sources homepage to see how others are using the tool. 

Where can I find more guides to completing tasks in Sources? 

This Knowledge Base contains a full suite of guides for using Sources. You can also refer to the tables below if you want to complete tasks quickly. 


I just want to see sources.
You want to:Use this Knowledge Base guide:

Search for a source

Search Bibliographies



I want to add or edit sources.
You want to:Use this Knowledge Base guide:
Log in to sourcesLog in to Sources
Make a new sourceAdd a Source
Make a new collectionMake a Source Collection
See collections you've madeMake a Source Collection 
See sources you've addedFind Entries
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