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  1. Open the text you would like to edit
  2. Click Sort Text Sections
    • Find "Sort Text Sections" in the upper right corner of the page
    • A list of pages within the text will appear
  3. To reorder the text manually:
    1. Click and hold the icon next to the title you want to move
      • The title will be highlighted
    2. Drag and drop the title to its new location
  4. To prioritize certain texts:
    1. Click Show row weights in the upper right corner of the page
      • A "Weights" column will appear
    2. Click the drop-down menus to modify weights for each title
      • Pages with higher weights come first in the text
  5. Click Save Text Sections
    • The main text page will appear
    • A message confirming the update will appear
    • The text will be reordered