Here are the things that we sent to FermiLab on July, 2019:

  1. Pfeiffer Vacuum, TurboMolecular pump TMU 1001P with electronic control unit TC600
  2. Turbomolecular pump controller: Pfeiffer Vacuum DCU 600 with serial RS-485
  3. Pfeiffer Vacuum, pressure sensor PKR 361
  4. Readout/Controller for the pfeiffer PKR 361: Pfeiffer TPG 361
  5. Pfeiffer Vacuum, backing pump for the Turbo: ACP 15 ES25S
  6. American Magnetic Inc, Model 1700 liquid level controller
  7. MKS Baratron 690A 1000 transducer: One 1000 Torr and two 100 Torr
  8. LANL Flow meter: Teledyne hasting
  9. MKS Signal Conditioner Model 670 (Quantity:2)
  10. Stepper motor, Applied Motion Product: 5000-126 STS 5 (Quantity:2)
  11. Target Stick
  12. Noses (Quantity:2). One has a big window.
  13. U-tube
  14. BK precision power supply model 1627A 
  15. MKS Baratron 220BHS

Here are the things that we sent to FermiLab on July 25, 2019:

  1. Lakeshore 218s serial no. 210020
  2. Storage dewer, cryo fab. serial no 022624, top color: blue
  3. NMR line, semi rigid cable, BA50085
  4. Gore cable (blue), huber + suhner inc, around 0.5 m
  5. nalgene plastic bottle, 1 pack
  6. Torque wrench, CDI torque product, 0-30 In. Lb, 6-6245992707-1
  7. Cutter

Here are the things that we sent to Fermilab on Sept 10:

  1. Flange, 4 inch 304, VNE Taiwan, 1004135
  2. Target stick lifter
  3. 3 adapter fitting and 7 target lids (in one small plastic)
  4. 10 pieces of → TE Connectivity, 1050859-1, QTY 1, 1701 Mexico
  5. 1 connector → PE45135 1807
  6. 8 pieces of SMA connector → 11 SMA 50-2-15/111 544545
  7. 3 pieces connector → 1054874-1; 2084-1100-00; 200211694846; 15406; usz26
  8. 1 Spin physics proceeding 2008 conference book

Here are the thing we sent to Fermilab on October 2:

  1. Two raisers in the magnet dewars

Sent to Fermilab on January 2021

 Some devices that we purchased before holiday for the remote control:
 8-port Ethernet switches (2) 65108: 3TX70773A4F97 and 3TX20779A09BB

 Shielded Ethernet cables long (~100 M)
 USB-Ethernet converter SILEX DS 510 SN: 009551961
 RS232-Ethernet converter Net Burner. SN: 003F40D9EBF 

 Devices related to Microwave setup:
 Microwave-remote control cable with the sticker E155 on it (DB25 connection)
 Alpha-roll cable (Red) 18AWG 100ft
 Alpha-roll cable (Black) 18AWG 100ft
 tinned copper tubular bride alpha (Grey) 100ft
 Microwave-remote panel Varian VJW2838. Serial: pc41361 (slac)
 DB15 connector shorted
 Waveguide (5)
 Microwave gauge (Star-shaped sticker)

 Teledyne Hasting Readout THCD408 serial 055163-00097
 Teledyne flow sensor pinout H HFM-305. Serial: 0614652001
 Teledyne flowmeter/controller pinout H HFC-303. Serial: 0614652001
 Flexible PVC Tubing 100ft
 2 wooden blocks (to layout the target insert)
 Oscilloscope Tektronix TDS3032. serial: B023442
 2 rolls of shielded wire (22 AWG) with DB15 M/F connection (approximately 50ft). Alpha wire HI P/N 5198c 
 Stepper motor (Oriental motor) Vexta ASX66A
 MKS Baratron Pressure sensor 1000 Torr (cylinder). Serial: 09XX16 022145736. Model: 022145736
 Stepper Motor driver (Applied motion) (2) 5000-126 STS-5. Serial: 1068278 & 1068170
 Hasting Mass Flowmeter (readout) with the sticker Separator Flow on it (from Teledyne Hasting Raydist). serial:13036
 Hasting Flowmeter/Alarm (readout) (From Teledyne Hasting Raydist) model NAKK-CCP Serial 306
 Motor (applied motion) with "Bypass" written on it. HT17-278(08/17)
 Swagelok valve (3): 23H 0000425693, 47N 0000425693, SRJ 178802
 Omega extension wire cable (blue). EXPP-T-20-100
 Pfeiffer vacuum Valve D-35614 Asslar serial 44036629. PFA41032
 cable with fischer connection in one end and DB25- DB25 Male in the other end (approximately 1 meter)
 AWM cable style 20276 (~ 2 meter) Black. DB9 connection?
 Brush (Maxman)
 ring Iron Clamps (10)
 Valve from Key High Vacuum Product Model SA-100-K-N. Serial: 15-A-47-53007

 Shipping back to Fermilab (It sent to Fermilab then shipped back to UVA for LabView purposes):
 Pfeiffer vacuum Pressure sensor (PKR361) including the read out (TPG361)
 MKS Baratron 1000 Torr including the Read out (MKS670)

Sent to Fermilab in January 21 2022

Water- and Steam Resistant EPDM Gasket for ANSI Class 150, for 3 Pipe Size, 1/16.” (2)

Arduino (2). One is Arduino Uno and another one is Rugged industrial industry

DC to DC Converter (2)

Ximimark Current to Voltage converter (4)

Sainsmart 8 Channel USB Relay


Sent the helium riser from Fermilab to UVA for modifications.
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Returned the PXI-8360 NI Card(191373-01) to Apex Waves LLC. 

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